Boost efficiency and revenues with a handheld order-taking system.

Handheld Ordering on Tablet or Smartphone for Restaurants and Cafes

Increase Revenues, Decrease Costs with Handheld Ordering

Faster Service – Orders are input directly at the table, so no time-consuming process of handwriting an order, and no time is lost going to and from the terminal to re-enter the orders.

Fewer Errors – Orders are input directly, instead of jotted down and then re-entered at the terminal at the risk of errors and forgotten items. Prompts for cooking instructions and side dishes ensure the correct details are taken.

Fewer Missed Sales – Servers spend more time on the floor, ready to take additional orders.

More Up-Selling Opportunities – Prompts help servers suggest menu items that result in a higher average spend.

Increased Table Turnover – When food and drinks are served more quickly, the customer spends less time at the table. Space once taken up by fixed POS stations is used to add more tables.

Increased Average Customer Spend
Send drinks and appetizers to prep printers before you have finished taking an order. Getting these items to the table quickly allows time for a second round of drinks or dessert.

Reduced Labor Costs – Orders are input into the system more quickly, so more tables can be assigned to each server without compromising service.

Less Training Time – Easy access to the entire menu, including daily specials, means servers do not need to memorize the menu to be effective.

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